It should never be an easy decision to surrender your pet. If you find that you have exhausted all other available resources, please email us. Have the following information ready:

A detailed bio of your pet such as:

    • Breed
    • Sex
    • Age
    • Weight
    • Good with: kids, cats, dogs, etc.

Please also include the following: 

    • Good Photographs of your pet
    • All of your pet’s medical records
      • Spay/Neuter
      • Yearly Vaccinations
      • Monthly Preventatives

In order for us to decide if we can take a pet into the rescue, we need to find a foster home, so we need as much information as possible in order to do this. If we are able to find a potential foster home we may require an evaluation by our trainer which we will ask you to cover. This does not guarantee we will be able to take your pet.

If we are able to take your pet, you will be asked to provide a surrender fee to help us care for your pet until we can find a new home.

Please note: We are almost always full. Please understand that we cannot always respond to each message due to the volume of requests.