Why Foster?

The easy answer is that it saves lives. Shelters can only house so many animals and are forced to make heartbreaking decisions when they are at capacity. Rescue partners “pull” animals from overcrowded shelters and move them into temporary foster homes. On occasion, rescues will also assist with re-homing pets for local individuals who can no longer care for them. These animals are also placed in temporary foster homes.

Foster homes are crucial to One Love Animal Rescue Group’s ability to continue saving the lives of animals in need. One of our volunteers explains that every time she fosters, she’s actually saving three lives – the animal that was just adopted from her care, the animal that she can now “pull” from an overcrowded shelter, and the animal that needs a spot in the shelter.

One Love Animal Rescue Group is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of a network of foster homes and dedicated volunteers. All of our foster homes undergo a similar process as our applicants for adoption. The process includes a veterinary reference check (if applicable), two personal reference checks, a landlord check (if applicable), and a home visit.

"I foster because it gives me a greater purpose. It's my small way of making a positive difference in the world"


Most frequent questions and answers

One Love Animal Rescue Group, Inc. covers all medical expenses for foster animals, in addition to providing food, necessary supplies (e.g., crate, toys, etc.), and professional training/support as needed.

Foster families are responsible for providing safety, comfort, love, shelter, exercise, and care to their foster animal(s). This includes making appointments and transporting foster animal(s) to the veterinarian for required medical care, attending professional training classes with foster animal(s) to address behavior concerns or facilitate socialization if necessary, transporting foster animal(s) to periodic adoption events to increase their exposure, etc.

Generally, we prefer that fosters live within a one (1) hour radius of Blackwood, NJ. Exceptions may be made with the understanding that fosters are responsible to regularly attend adoptions events with their foster animal(s) in the Blackwood, NJ area.

Most animals remain in foster care for 2-6 weeks, although it’s important to note that the length of a foster commitment cannot be guaranteed. If you have prior commitments that prevent you from fostering beyond a certain time frame or date, a secondary foster home can be arranged with reasonable notice.

Yes! You will work closely with a foster coordinator to identify the right foster for your home/family. Preference for characteristics such as age, weight, temperament and activity level will be considered.

All approved fosters are automatically approved for adoption, so it would be a smooth transition!

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